Skid steer loader LOCUST is no strangers on the market. It’s younger sibling loader UNC 060 was a first skid steer loader that was already manufactured in 1981. Due to its characteristics and quality, it quickly become a favorite machine on the markets in different countries around the world. 

With such a multipurpose features, where an exchange of tools-attachments is a matter of few minutes, a large number of logistically demanding field operations gets resolved (materials loading/offloading, terrain leveling, earth moving, trenches digging, fence constructions, wrecks & obstacles removal, road/path leveling, etc.)

The concept of versatility has always been a must for BOZENA systems, as it enhances their effectiveness in any kind of mission. Series of standard attachments have been recognized by all BOZENA users as a field- proven and reliable assistance since the very first machine employed.


The highest achievements and efficiency of BOZENA machines in mine-clearance operations can be reached with utilization of the special attachments (work tools) which allows BOZENA to be used as a remotely operated robot well suitable for:

  • safe manipulation with and disposal of the UXO, ERW and other dangerous objects;
  • systematic mass collection of mines, cluster bombs, artillery and hand grenades scattered on airfields, runways or other areas with harden surfaces;
  • disposal of improvised explossive devices, charging cables and trip wires of mines and booby-traps;
  • removal of obstacles, barricades and fences from razor blade or barbed wire;
  • safe recovery of injured persons from minefields and dangerous areas;
  • fulfillment of different engineering tasks at or close to mined and not surveyed terrains.

Range of BOZENA Special Attachments include:

  • Robotic arm (with clamshell or excavation bucket)
  • Airfield sweeper (UXO collector)
  • Tripwire cutter
  • Rake shovel
  • Magnetic collector
  • First aid stretcher

All these special attachments are made by WAY IDUSTRIES, a.s.